Vegan Recipes

Omri’s Cham Kkae Kong Noodle Soup

English עברית 한국어 English Omri’s Cham Kkae Kong Noodle Soup Hey guys, Damn it’s been a while since I’ve uploaded a cooked recipe hasn’t it? Cooked recipes are much harder for me, to film and to edit and also to write, I’m not afraid to admit, I’ve been lazy with it, but I had to…… Continue reading Omri’s Cham Kkae Kong Noodle Soup

Raw Vegan Recipes

Raw Vegan Nutella Cupcakes

English עברית 한국어 English Raw Vegan Nutella Cupcakes Hey guys, Today I’m gonna show you how to make something that’s extremely delicious, energizing super healthy AND raw vegan! The thing about raw treats and desserts, even though they get a lot of ‘heat’ for being high in fat and sugar, is that unlike regular desserts…… Continue reading Raw Vegan Nutella Cupcakes

Raw Vegan Recipes

Sunshine Smoothie 해빛 스무디 שייק אור

English עברית 한국어 English Sunshine Smoothie Hey y’all! I really haven’t posted for a long time, I’ve been going through different things and I’m getting my act together. I’ve been healing myself from something I might talk about in the future, but today what I’m gonna talk about is this insane smoothie! It is winter,…… Continue reading Sunshine Smoothie 해빛 스무디 שייק אור

About Raw Veganism

Persimmon אפרסמון 홍시

English עברית 한국어 English Persimmon So persimmons have been getting a really bad rep for a really long time. I’ve heard horror stories that they cause constipation and may send you to the ER. People really aren’t big on Persimmons because of that, it’s one of the most vague fruit around I would say. So…… Continue reading Persimmon אפרסמון 홍시